About “Sounds of The Cigar Factory”

Michele Moore’s acclaimed novel The Cigar Factory was inspired by interviews with her own family. Moore wrote the theatrical performance “Sounds of the Cigar Factory” based on Part One of her novel and directed its original performance in the Eastside neighborhood where the novel is set. “Sounds of the Cigar Factory” went on to be a sold out surprise hit at Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto Festival, where it was performed at the Footlight Players Theatre.

(standing) Ross Magoulas as Mr. Rolands Sr. and Alice Du Pre Jordan as Cassie
(left to right) Cecelia Fields as Binah, Mary Edwards as Meliah Amey and Marvin Brown as Kofi.
full cast of Sounds of the Cigar Factory
Gloria Barr Ford as Pea
(left to right) Lewis Porcher Jr as Mr. Galliard and Mary Edwards as Meliah Amey
Marvetta Daniels as the narrator
(left to right) Trisha Gustafson as Miss Sweeney, Phoebe Williams as a cigar maker and Amy Hudock as a cigar maker
Lewis Porcher Jr. as Mr. Galliard and Gloria Barr Ford as Pea
(left to right) Ron Daise as Joe, Idris Harley as Ray and Cecelia Fields as Binah
Padgett Skardon as Brigid and Roger West as Mr. Schmidt